Request A Pop!

Request A Pop!

Was there something you didn't see on the site, but need badly to add to your collection?

HTK is now accepting special orders for our customers!  To get started fill out this short Q&A and put your orders in. Woop Woop! 

It's as easy as 1...2...3! 

Don't Wait Until it's in the Vault!

Don't Wait Until it's in the Vault!

What's the Vault?

Well the Funko Company just like Disney throws their products into a vault causing fans to run frantic to find it before it's gone. The difference being Disney warns you while Funko may not. It's a surprise every fan doesn't like seeing. These vaulted products won't be released to buy again until years and years have past or  worst case may never come back! Products in the Vault will not be availafor purchase at your local retailer making them into exclusives. 

Who do we have from the Vault?

Currently we have Pac Mans Inky and Blinky Funkos as well as the Mr. Miyagi Funko from the Karate Kid.

Don't worry fans we will let you know when we obtain more Vaulted Funkos or if they get vaulted. Get these Funkos in the meantime before they're gone..... They won't always be here! 


Coming Soon!

Check out the funkos that will be coming soon!

Pre-order them now!

-Bugs, Marvin the Martian, Swackhammer, M3 (Blue Monstar),Taz

- Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pete




Hey guys! We have new shipments coming in which include  Max Rebo Specialty Series, Casey Jones from TMNT Speciality Series, Winnie the Pooh Seated funko and Piglet funkos coming in. Order Now and receive by January 20th. 






Toy Organization

Toy Organization

Getting cramped in your home from all those collectibles and personal items? No room to add additional funko exclusives? Consider a few ideas.....


First post

Toy Lovers and collectors out there. Here comes a new imagination to the scene!

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