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Chapter 11 TEN Gift Ideas for Funko Lovers

  • by Niciesha Smith
This audience can be hard to shop for because they are very picky and indecisive. Pop culture items are always changing in popularity. They seek items that have been released late or often new. Here are just a few gift ideas that no Funko lover or collector can resist. These can also be last minute stocking stuffers!

1. Sailor Moon 🌙 Charm bracelet
Bracelet: Sailor Moon Chibi Chibi Moon
- Hanging from the bracelet is an 🌂umbrella, a moon and pink bow.
- Sailor Moon Chibi Chibi Charm Bracelet
- Price: $6.00
- Buy this gift here
- Sailor Moon fans will love to add this to their collection.

2. Power Puff Girls Blossom 🌸
Blossom Funko Pop Vinyl
- Here’s Blossom wearing her favorite pink bow and her favorite pink dress.
- Power Puff Girls: Blossom Funko Pop
- Price: $9.99
- Buy this gift here
- Fighting crime and trying to save the 🌎 world. Leader first, but always a sister to the Power Puff Girls. Girl Power!

3. Stranger🏚 Things Mike

Mike With Walkie Funko Pop
- Mike carries his walkie to contact his friends.
- Stranger Things: Mike with Walkie Funko Pop
- Price: $9.99
- Buy this gift here
- Stranger 📻 Things is back with season 2! Watch Mike and his friends fight against the demogorgon and a new enemy it’s leader!

4. Mighty 💪 Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: Red Ranger Funko Pop Vinyl
- Second in command dressed in all red is the Red Ranger. Go Go Power Rangers!
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Red Ranger
- Price:$9.99
- Buy this gift here
- “Nobody snakes 🐍 the Power Rangers! It’s Morphing time!” The original Red Ranger will be a great Funko to add to any Power Ranger fans collection.

4. The Karate 🥋 Kid

The Karate Kid: Mr. Miyagi Funko Pop Vinyl Figure  
- Gift
- The Karate Kid: Mr. Miyagi Funko Pop
- Price:$15.50
- Buy this gift here
- -Pat Morita is Mr. Miyagi in this all time⌛️classic series The Karate Kid.

5. Legend of Zelda: Wind 💨 Waker

 Wind Waker Link
- Dressed in all green is our favorite hero Link carrying his Kokori sword.
- Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Link Figure
- Price: $7.99
- Buy this gift here
- Traverse through dungeons, set sail along the ocean and explore islands 🌴 to obtain the power to defeat Sorcerer Ganon, but also save Links sister Aryll!

6. Kingdom Hearts🖤 Mickey Mouse

Pop! Disney: Kingdom Hearts  Mickey Mouse
- Gift details
- Kingdom Hearts: Mickey Mouse Funko Pop
- Price: $9.99
- Buy this gift here
- King Mickey would risk his life to fight against the heartless alongside with Sora and his friends. What brave King 👑 would do that?

7. Afro 👠Barbie

1980s Afro Barbie
- Dressed in her red dress, red shoes, red earrings and hair up in an Afro.
- 1980s Afro Barbie Funko Figure
- Price: $8.99
- Buy this gift here
- Ain’t no Barbie like this one coming from the 80s! Barbie fans will love 💗 this latest creation by Funko.

8. Piglet 🐷

Piglet Funko Pop
- Cute and pink little piglet
- Winnie The Pooh: Piglet Funko Pop
- Price: $8.99
- Buy this gift here
- He may be small but he becomes the most bravest creature in all of the 💯 acre woods when his friends are in trouble!

9. Pop Protector 📦

- Clear plastic box
- Premium Pop Protector
- Price: $11.99
- Buy this gift here
- Travel with this Pop Protector in bag and your Funko is good to go! No more accidents or rain 🌧 getting on your favorite merchandise.

10. Pooh 🐻 Bear
Winnie The Pooh Funko Pop Vinyl Figure
- With his little red shirt on he’s sitting with his favorite honey 🍯 pot.
- Winnie The Pooh: Seated Pooh Funko Pop
- Price: $9.99
- Buy this gift here
- That cuddly silly ole bear is waiting for you to play in the 100 acre woods. You can’t buy Piglet without his best friend Pooh! Winnie The Pooh fans will love having him.

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