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Chapter 15

  • by Niciesha Smith

In this chapter we talk about retreating from the world. With a clean mindset we can reenter the world feeling more positive with everything around us. Especially with the holidays coming we want to be in good spirit!


Here are some top tips to get you back on track!

  1. Meditate any day of the week
  2. Get your Starbucks on! Grab a coffee for you and a friend
  3. Try and use kind words in everyday conversations
  4. Take a moment and acknowledge yourself (ME TIME)
  5. Compliment someone
  6. Think of 3 things you are truly grateful for
  7. Complete a random act of Kindness for another person (PAY IT FORWARD) eg. Holding the door, donating clothes/money
  8. Take a moment and acknowledge nature around you
  9. Go on a short walk away from home
  10. Do you like music? Listen to some music or play some on your down time
  11. Relax in the Tub/ Shower
  12. Do you love to draw? Just drawing up some doodles and get creative!
  13. What about some crafts? Get out the cricut and start crafting up some ideas you've been wanting to do!
  14. Sometimes writing really helps. Pencil it out in a diary or journal.
  15. Watch the Sunset
  16. Take up a yoga class
  17. Have you been to your local bookstore or library lately? Pick up a book to buy or borrow and just read! (Let the chapters take you on a journey)
  18. Take a trip to a spa
  19. Travel out of town
  20. Catch up on some sleep and take a long nap (you will feel refreshed!)
  21. Check your shelf and pull out some old school board games and play against friends or family (uno, twister, operations, game of life, monopoly etc)
  22. Pull out some old school gaming systems like Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Sega, Nintendo 64, Nitendo SP, Switch etc. and just play! ( Challenge: Do you remember how to play any of the games?)


As stated by Mental Health of America "focus on your strengths, solving problems, the future instead of reviewing hurts from the past and most important "focus on your life instead of your illness". 


The goal is staying positive to live positive.

With these goals/ tips more work can be completed in your daily life. 



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