Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day

      There’s no better way to say Happy Mother’s Day then a small gift 🎁 of appreciation or to share your creativity with your mother.

With Covid-19 going on a lot of shoppers are trying their best to social distance and still be able to celebrate with their loved ones.

Simple Rhinestone stickers make bright card stock paper stand out.  Just ask Cheer Bear.


Or how about finding some old crayons around the house. Rather than throwing them out peel the paper off and cut them all into tiny pieces. Pour the tiny pieces of crayons into a Silicon Mold. You can easily purchase one from your local craft store or store.  Pop them into the oven which can be preheat to 300 and let it sit in there for only 5-6 minutes.


 Take them out and you have created an even more crafted gift. 

A simple crafted item is all it takes to show your love 💕 for that mother figure in your life.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day!

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