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Chapter 10 Throwback Friday

  • by Niciesha Smith

Felix the cat is our throwback character of the week. One of the many characters from the past that has tried to resurface and he has  made a huge comeback with Funko!


Every Friday we talk about a character of the past that has has made a huge impact on the growing generation of today.





Felix the cat originated during in the silent era when animation was just beginning to grow and be known. In 1919 he was drawn up and shown on the short film Feline Follies with the name “Master Tom” by Pat Sullivan. (Source:


He was then redrawn in the late 1920s with the name Felix where silent films were beginning to introduce sound.


While live action shows/ films were changing the Silent era presented animated characters that often were seen in comic strips some sound and more movement. Animated characters were first stick figures showing stop-motion photography. (Source:



As silent films began to introduce sounds, Felix the cat began to lose his fame and became not as popular when his competitor, Disney’s Mickey Mouse came into the picture with his Steamboat Willie episode.

(Mickey Mouse was last week’s character of the week. Here’s the article we spoke about him.)


The sound given to Felix the cat was just not as popular as Disney’s Mickey Mouse. However surviving in comic strips and now being sold with apparel/ merchandise his character was able to survive.


His character later resurfaced with a series that ran from the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. With a new look he was introduced with his famous magical yellow bag and other new characters.


Disappearing for years once again, Felix returned back to the screen in the 1980’s with his feature film 🎞 Felix The Movie 🎥where his mission is to rescue a Princess and her kingdom in another dimension.


Not long after a ten year hiatus he returned with the series The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat from 1995 to 1997.


Today he still lives on in the merchandise, figurines and apparel sold all over the world. He has also finally made his come back through Funko making him a great addition to any fellow collectors dream.



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