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Chapter 2 Toy Organization

  • by Niciesha Smith

Getting cramped in your home from all those collectibles and personal items? No room to add additional funko exclusives? Consider a few ideas.....

    1. Desk organizers (Cluttered Desks can destroy your productivity)
    2. Its time for some spring cleaning! Get rid of items you don't need
    3. Plastic Bins/ Containers to stack and 
    4. Cable organizers to direct the cables 
    5. Pen organizers to organize writing utensils 
    6. Purchase some Labels or handwrite to label items
    7. Document Organizer (organize paper work to make it easier to access and pull)
    8. Under Desk Drawer is perfect to store items as well (pencils, pens, markers, rulers etc.) Just like a pull out keyboard
    9.  Plastic stackable bins and containers (Our favorite happens to not only be lightweight but also easy to store and stack Staples Version. As an alternative they have the ones by TRU RED which are just as great). 

Organization is key to getting your life together and each section of your home takes time. 

Storing and protecting your most prized possessions is the goal!


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